High Quality Bespoke Cills, Guttering and Fascias

All of our windows & doors come fitted with either a 30mm upvc transport block or, where specified, with a 30mm Purenit block, which remain fitted to the frame during installation.

Once the frame has been fitted, we offer bespoke Polyester Powder Coated (PPC) Aluminium cills in any RAL colour, to match their surroundings.

Our cills are made from 2mm (3mm on request) sheet Aluminium and we can also supply various metallic, textured or anodised finishes allowing us to match the majority of aluminuim clad window and door frames and we have various cill types, to suit your requirement.

Depending on your finished outside surface, brickwork, cladding, render etc, once your windows and doors are fitted, we take exacting measurements and from our discussions with you, we ensure that the finished cills, match exactly to each elevation of the property, irrespective of the different outside surface depths.

Our cill quotations include installation and are typically 2-3 weeks lead time, following the installation of your windows & doors.

We are also able (on a supply only basis), to match your windows and doors to bespoke aluminium soffits, fascias and guttering, giving your property a completely uniform look, from top to bottom.

Type 1 Plain with stop end

Type 3 Cutout upstand with stop end

Type 6 Plain without stop end

Cill Type 1: Plain Stopend

Cill Type 4: Full Plaster Stop

Cill Type 2: Upstand

Cill Type 5: Cutout Plaster Stop

Cill Type 3: Cutout Upstand

Cill Type 6: Plain